about me

Clarissa Atelier

“There’s nothing more useful than superfluous”.Oscar Wilde

Clarissa was born in Rome in 1986. After classical studies, she achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, Theories of Ethical Knowledge, and a later Master Degree in Publishing & Writing at ``La Sapienza`` University of Rome. Her liberal arts education influences the design of her creations suspended between dream and reality. During the last years of university, she attended the “Accademia delle Arti Orafe”, Rome and the “London School of Jewellery”, where she learned the goldsmithing art and the lost wax tecnique. In 2016 she studied stone setting at Lao Le Arti Orafe School of Jewellery, Florence, with particular attention on contemporary jewelry.
Her passion for jewellery gradually turned into a real job. Clarissa’s jewels are totally handmade and she puts real and profound care in every step of their design and production. Clarissa Atelier developed a concept in which handcrafted jewelry joins the essential style of comic strip together with the showy virtuosity of Art Decò. Getting inspired by motifs not belonging to traditional aesthetics, her creations recall the dreamlike dimension of the fairytale and the game.